How deep do my Fence Posts need to be set?


Probably one of the most important questions and aspects of any fence installation. Our general Rule at Patriot Fence for a 6′ tall fence is to set your posts 22″ deep. However there are exceptions to the rule. Generally the harder the ground you are going to concrete into, the less depth you will have to set the post. So on the jobs we are digging out the holes of pure rock with a Jackhammer a bare 15″ into limestone is more than adequate. On the other hand if you hire a fence contractor and you have pure dirt or loosely compacted soil your probably going to need to set anywhere from 22″ to 32″ to prevent future problems. These recommendations are taking into consideration my experience from working on and repairing fences in Central Texas. In other geographical areas regulations and specs change with many factors to consider. Call a professional fence contractor for a consultation about any fence project your are considering. Also do independent research to make sure you are educated on what you want and need.

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